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I Love to Read Class Competition

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Tune in next year (2014) to learn about our up-coming I Love to Read events!



I Love to Read Class Competition

February 2013



As part of our I Love to Read events at Arthur A. Leach this year we are keeping track of how many books in total each class reads as well as whether you prefer romance or mystery novels. Read whatever type of book you want just be sure that all the books you have read are counted.



  • One book equals 150 pages.
  •  If you have read a book that is 300 pages long this will count as two books, a book of 450 pages equals 3 books.
  • Only use your initials to sign your name.
  • Choose whether you prefer romance or mystery novels.
  • Tell us about something unusual or new that you learned or read from this book.
  • Others will be reading your comments so be sure that your message is clear and appropriate for public viewing.



Click on your class link below and enter the necessary information to add to your class reading list:

7-1                                                  8-1                                            9-1                        

7-2                                                  8-2                                            9-2                                                    

7-3                                                  8-3                                            9-3

7-4                                                  8-4                                            9-4

7-5                                                  8-5                                            9-5

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