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AALeach Think Tank

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A A Leach Think Tank


Here are some great resources to help you organize yourself as you learn new information about your personal topics of interest. Remember to seek assistance if you are having difficulty and think outside of the box. Be creative!



We will be meeting on Thursday, May 7, 2009 during Period 3 in the library. Remember to do the following:

  • e-mail me with your e-mail address
  • check out the Arthur A. Leach Library Wiki
  • create and bring your reseach folder to our meeting
  • write up your project description using Bloom's Taxonomy verbs
  • complete the Defining Your Needs sheet and the Knowledge sheet



Be sure to bring everything with you including all research materials/web sites/ notes etc. that you have gathered. Remember that you are to complete two learning log entries each week. Bring your learning log with you to our Think Tank meeting on Thursday. 

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